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Hello, guys ! At present time maximum user have a laptop. There are many user which used laptop for gaming, video editing, write article and many more works. But while doing a lot of work in the laptop, there is a problem of “overheating in the laptop”, so today we will understand in this article how to solve this problem.
HP laptop overheated problem
HP laptop overheated problem
Laptop is like a small personal computer which is a developed form of desktop computer. Laptop works by AC battery. The laptop is portable means we can easily move the laptop from one place to another, The stands form of laptop is  “Lightweight Analytical Platform with Total Optimized Power “ Due to the design and features of the laptop, it is also known by the names of notebook computers and notebook devices etc. The laptop device has an input device and also an output device. The laptop screen is come in the form of LCD / LED display, which is  uses Thin-Screen technology. Now lets come in our topics HP laptop overheated problem. There can be many reasons for overheating in a laptop, before we solve this problem of the laptop, we understand why this problem happens.

Reason of HP Laptop overheating :-

Each laptop has component, components that generate heat at work, of which CPU and GPU are the most heat generating component, the higher the workload, the more heat it generates and if it is cooled If no solution is taken for this, then it can damage the PC and also cause damage to the component. There are many reasons for laptop overheating, now we will understand it one by one.
  • Motherboard issue
  • Processor 
  • CPU fan
  • Heat sink issue

Motherboard issue :-

Motherboards is very important part of any laptop or system without it laptop is like a box. If your laptop overheats, one of the reasons for it is not being able to perform the motherboard properly. Because the distribution of voltage in the laptop is only through the Motherboard.

Processor :-

It is one of the biggest reason to laptop overheating problem, This produces the most heat in the laptop, due to which the other parts of the laptop also get very hot. In such a situation, the chances of getting these parts of the laptop damaged . This is why a CPU fan is used to keep the processor cool.

CPU fan :-

A CPU fan is also reason of the “HP laptop overheating”. As I told you that if the CPU fan works to cool the processor, the laptop will overheat if the CPU fan is bad.

Heat Sink issue :-

It is also play major role of laptop overheating problem because the heat sink is made of copper, which is on the top of the processor, if the processor is hot then it also becomes hot, due to which the problem of laptop overheating occurs. Now you must have understood why laptop overheating issue happens, So let’s understand how to fix this problem.

Prevention from laptop overheating :-

  1. Cleans the CPU fan
  2. Decrease the heat
  3. Update the BIOS features
  4. Do not overclocking
  5. Change your laptop battery
  6. Laptop should be kept in a cool place
HP laptop overheated problem
HP laptop overheated problem

Cleans the CPU fan :-

First of all you should clean the CPU fan because CPU fan play very important gameplay for overheating issue. If you don’t know how to clean the CPU fan then don’t worry I have trick to solve the your problem, just repeat my process.
Process :-
  1. First turn off your computer then remove the battery.
  2. Now find the vents on underneath of laptop.
  3. If you got it then you should need Air Blower for cleaning the CPU fan and vents.
Note :- This process can spoil your system, so you will need experts to do this process.

Decrease the heat :-

If you love multitasking (Perform two or more task at one time) so laptop efficiency is slow down when you have perform multitasking , the workload on the laptop increases, reducing the CPU and RAM strength. So I have tricks to reduce this error :-
  1. Search task manager on Cortana’s search box.
  2. Open it and now go to the start up.
  3. And select application software, which you do not use much and disable it.
  Note -: Please not disable Microsoft and windows related software.

Update the BIOS features :-

If you use a laptop a lot then you must need to update the BIOS features because BIOS is a software that is attached to the Motherboard, which is why it is very important for a laptop or computer. Laptop won’t turn on without it, The stands form of BIOS is Basic Input and Output system.

Do not overclocking :- 

Overclocking is a process that perform a laptop component like (CPU,GPU) to work at a higher speed that its capacity is called overclocking. Users use this process to increase the performance of their system, but overclocking reduces the level of your system, causing problems like overheating in the laptop. Because this puts excessive load on the component of the system, which causes the component to start heating up.

Change your laptop battery:-

If your laptop is still experiencing overheating then I think you should pay attention to changing the battery of your laptop once, You should replace the old battery with the new one. Note :- I would like to give you a suggestion that if your laptop battery is bad, never fix it. If you repair the battery and use it, it can damage your laptop’s motherboard.

Laptop should be kept in a cool place :-

It is also play major role of affecting the overheating problem because the problem of overheating on the laptop increases if the laptop is kept in a warm place. So I think you should always keep your laptop in cool places. So guys I told you in this article what is the reason for laptop overheat and how to solve the problem of overheat of laptop, hope that you will like my article and if you have any issue related to laptop then in the comment section Sure thank you.              

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