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How to Configure AOL Email Settings Using IMAP

If you wish to download email, IMAP is intended to be the optimal protocol for any email client.
IMAP is now required for any user who wishes to access AOL Mail and function with any compatible email client.
To begin, discuss specifics regarding AOL Mail and then concentrate on the IMAP server configuration.
The AOL Mail IMAP server allows you to access all of your mails.
As a result, you must access the AOL Email settings in order to get the notifications.

Why AOL prefer IMAP server settings?

AOL recommends utilizing IMAP over POP3 and SMTP.
Although AOL supports both of these protocols.
However, there are a few things that IMAP outperforms.

Like: IMAP is capable of syncing the specific service with the AOL Mail account.
Thus, any activities you take on an email service or application are reflected in the AOL Mail interface.
POP, on the other hand, fails to do so.
Rather than that, POP creates a copy of the email.

What are the AOL IMAP Settings?

When you’re ready to switch from AOL to another email service, you’ll enter necessary information.
This enables third-party services to access your AOL Mail.
The following are various IMAP configurations for receiving AOL Mail:

  • Address of the AOL Mail IMAP server:
  • Username for AOL Mail’s IMAP service:
    Email address for AOL Mail
  • AOL Mail password for IMAP: AOL Mail password
  • IMAP port for AOL Mail: 993
  • Yes, AOL Mail IMAP requires TLS/SSL.

Which features are unavailable on other Mail Applications?

Below this article is a list of other apps that lack the ability to override AOL email settings:

  • Message status: No access to unread messages, and the user has no visibility into the status of sent messages.
    That is possible with AOL mail.
  • Spam: Users are not granted access to the Report button.
    Whereas AOL Mails enables users to report hazardous spam messages.
  • Delete Mail: Different email apps include a variety of configuration options.
    Some allow viewing deleted emails, while others do not.

Note: When attempting to configure AOL Mail using a mobile application, there is no requirement to enable IMAP settings.
For instance, if we’re referring to the iPhone Mail app, all you have to do is enter the iPhone’s settings>Accounts section>select the AOL icon.
This phone comes pre-configured with IMAP configuration.
You need simply to include your username and password.

AOL SMTP Settings

If you want to send a new email from your AOL account, you must complete the SMTP settings during account creation in order for your AOL Mail account to send outgoing emails.
The details required to complete the required space are listed below:

  • SMTP Server Outgoing Mail:
  • SMTP port number: 465
  • TLS/SSL encryption for SMTP
  • AOL email address as the SMTP username
  • Password for SMTP: AOL password

Technical Helpdesk

Have you followed the AOL Email IMAP Configuration instructions outlined above?
If you were unable to receive the final result, there must have been a technical difficulty.
However, this is not a massive problem that cannot be rectified.

To resolve the issue, contact the technical expert email support staff and inform them of the persistent issue.
They are highly skilled and will offer the solution quickly.
Availability is guaranteed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
As a result, you can communicate with the group at any moment.

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