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5 Common Laptop Problems

5 Common Laptop Problems

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These days a large number of people prefer using a laptop over a computer. The key reason being its portability and ease to access. Computers have come a long way in terms and hardware and software. But as we all know, any sort of gadget is prone to have problems now and then. There are some issues that are very common and are faced with a lot of users. Although these problems can be fixed very easily and hence maintain the quality of your laptop. Here are solutions to some of the basic problems usually faced.

1.Slowing down of the laptop:

There are a number of issues that slow your laptop down. First of all always remember to keep your OS updated for your windows or mac, whatever you are using. Then there is a lot of space occupied by a number of temporary files that are generated automatically. Get rid of that. You can transfer unwanted files that you seldom use to an external hard drive. Also, remove all the unnecessary apps that you do not use. This will help optimize the performance of your laptop.


2.Laptop overheating issues:

It is always preferred to use your laptops on a flat surface. This is because the blower vents are either placed on the sides or at the bottom of the laptop. using the laptop on a pillow or any uneven surface obstructs them and causes the laptop to heat.
First of all, what you have to do is use your laptop in a cool room preferably in an air-conditioned room. If not raise your laptop with the help of some books allowing some space for the air vents. The best way is to use cooling pads. They have fans on the desk that you mount your laptop on that will keep your laptop cool.

3.Battery draining out quickly:

Most of us complain about our laptop battery draining out very soon. This usually happens due to a lot of apps running in the background. What you can simply do is, close all the apps that you are not using. Then you need to turn on the optimized battery performance of your laptop. For that, on your Windows laptop, you need to go to the “Power Options” in Settings and you can do that. Whereas, on a Macbook, go to “Settings” and look for “Energy Saver” in System Preferences to adjust the brightness to your device.

4.Unable to connect to wifi:

If you are facing wifi issues with your laptop, first of all check if your internet device is working fine or not. Then check your laptop, if it is on flight mode or not.
If that is all good, right-click on “My Computer” or “My PC” and click on manage. Then from there go to the device manager. Here you will get to see a bunch of devices listed in front of you. From this you have to look for “Network Adapter”, right-click on it and you will see “Enable” or “Install”. Once this is done, click on “Scan for hardware changes” and your driver will be re-installed.

5. Battery doesn’t charge

When you turn on your laptop and you hear it running, but nothing comes up on the display screen. Unplug the power, remove the battery and then hold the power button for 30 to 60 seconds. Reattach the power cord and re-boot. Then shut down again, put in the battery and re-boot.


If your laptop is under warranty, you need not worry about any issues. Also you must remember that the warranty does not cover the battery issues. In case you have a non removable battery, then your laptop will be replaced. If you are  facing some other issues or you need any kind of support with your laptop you can call our helpdesk on +1 607 643 4166. You can always visit our website and mail us your issues.

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