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Roku Customer Service Number

Roku Customer Service Number, If you are using Roku Tv, you may have faced the issues. Calling Roku customer service Number will be your next task. Did you get all your doubts cleared? Most of the time, Roku customers search for such articles to get a clear vision of how to solve the issues. If you are facing such issues, this article is just for you. This article will talk about the potential problems you might face. Also, there will be all the details on how to connect the Roku customer service Number. In the end, I will share some extra data that can benefit you. So, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the rest of the article.

Roku Tv

Roku Tv In Brief:

Roku, an American-based company, provides streaming media services, mostly movies, and tv shows. It uses the Internet and streams your favorite on TV. Roku has a large range of services from Netflix, Prime, Hotstar, etc. You can use both free and paid services. Roku feeds you their services with Roku Box, Roku Streaming Stick, and Roku TV.


Some Handy Features Of Roku:

  • Voice Search
  • Anywhere you can enjoy their show
  • 4k spotlight Channel
  • Roku Channel
  • Over the air content and many more

Some Of The Most Common Problems

  1. Reconnection the remote with Roku Tv
  2. Changing Payment method
  3. Getting the 5 digit pin of Amazon prime on
  4. Canceling the subscription
  5.  Internet connection issues.

These are the most common issues faced by all the Roku users. You can easily solve them. You can check their website Roku Community to get all the basic doubts, or I can help you here.


  • Remote Connection: If you face issues with a remote connection, make sure you are correctly using the remote. There are two types of remote; one is the standard Ir remote, and the another is the enhanced remote. You need to keep them in the right direction. If it still does not work, you must check its battery. The battery might be dead, and you should replace the battery with the new one.
  • Changing Payment method: if you use Roku services, you must know that Roku only accepts Mastercard, Paypal, American Express, and Discover. If you want to change the payment method, you need to go to the Home page. Then scroll down, and you will get the option of payment method, and there you can select your payment method.
  • Internet Connection: lagging the Internet connection is very frustrating. It abruptly stops the Roku services. So, if you are facing such challenges, you should check your internet connection. It might be a problem with Internet services or routers.
  • Recover The pin: If you want to get the 5-digit Amazon Prime pin, you need to go to the Prime video setting, and there, you can find the pin option. Do not mix up the amazon prime pin with the Roku pin.
  • Roku Subscription: You need to go to the home page if you want to end your subscription. Then choose the ‘manage your Subscripition’option. From here, you can choose to end your subscription or re-subscription.

These are the same basic doubts Roku users search for. But some different issues need to be addressed.


Basic Reasons Why People Connect Roku Customer Service:

Roku Customer Service Number

You have already gone through the previous sections. You must have known the basic issues faced by Roku customers. However, they are not the end. There are some issues customers face while using the Roku services. Those issues are based on the individual customers. Here I will share some of the major problems Roku customers have enlisted.


  • After canceling her subscription, Lisa Knight has shared that her money is still deducted from her account.
  • After having a perfect wifi connection, Roku is not working for some people.
  • Someone reported the issues with extra charges and refunds.
  • Some users face the problem with EDT and CDT zone.
  • Facing problems with Hulu services, a Roku user asked for help.


People generally connect Roku Customer services For.

  1. Device and accessory setting
  2. Troubleshooting and technical problems
  3. Billing issues
  4. Roku service problem
  5. Issues with theft and phishing

Some words You Need To Remember Before Calling Roku Customer Service:

If you call Roku Services for your problems, you need to remember something before calling. You must keep all the things handy when you are calling Roku services.


  • When you are calling, you need to keep all your card details handy so that you need not rush while you have words with Roku customer services.
  • Make sure what are the issues you are having with Roku. You can jot it down somewhere to tell easily over the call.
  • If you call for the device and accessories issue, make sure you have connected your device to the internet. Turning on the device can help you when you are calling. It gives you clarity while you are calling.
  • Another task you can do while calling Roku Customer services is to keep a pen and paper handy. You can write down all the details while having the calls.

Customer Feedback On Roku Customer Service:


Roku Customer service is very effective in a certain way. They can resolve your problem with troubleshooting, card and payment issues, etc. The Roku customers are happy with their services, but you can not get all-time support. Many customers have complained that they could not reach Roku customer services. As it is a big company and has multiple queries in time, you might not get answers from Roku customer services.


However, you need not worry here. You can call on +1 607 643 4166. It is a helpline number of Pctechaid who have been serving 24/7 for more than 10 years. You can get answers to all your queries easily from here.


What Kind Of Services Roku Customer Services Do Not Provide:


Roku Customer services have a huge range of services. However, they are bound to some limited services. For example, if you have problems with Roku devices, they can help you with the basic problem. If it is the case of a break in your device, Roku customer services will not entertain such issues. In that case, you need to look for external help. For such kind of help, you can call +1 607 643 4166. Or you can visit the website of  Pctechaid. They are serving any kind of breakage of PC, laptop, and other devices.


What should You Do If You Can Not Reach Roku customer Services:

I have told you that Roku is a huge range of service providers. Naturally, you will need time to get their response. You need to have the patience to reach Roku Customer Services. But you should not lose hope. You should call the Roku Customer Service helpline number. Make sure you have all the documents ready before your call. Keep a pen and notebook to write all the information given to you.


If you are not satisfied with the first call, do not hesitate for the second shot. If you call back the Roku Customer service center, you might have experience talking with some professional who can solve your problems. Try to ask your queries correctly. If you do not get the calling experience well, they also have email and live chat options. You can use that.


However, if you need a quick fix, you can call +1 607 643 4166. This helpline number is available 24/7.


Bottom Lines:


Roku Customer services are there to help you. It is curated to solve all your queries related to your devices, payment method, etc. Most of the customers have shared their positive feedback using Roku Customer Services. However, it is not necessary that everyone can reach out to them Being one of the large streaming services, they have the responsibility to answer many people. So, your call might be waiting, or you do not get a chance to speak to them.


You need not worry. Pctechaid is here to help you. They are providing their services 24/7 so that you can get answers to all your questions. You need to call +1 607 643 4166, or you can visit their website They are the solution to any kind of technical problem. They have been working now for 10 years, and with the quick and better services, customers have kept their faith here. Now they are serving globally, so you can avail of their services anywhere globally.

What Is Roku?

Roku is a hardware company based in America, and they are providing the Roku services where you can stream your favorite movie and TV shows in a single subscription. They will provide the Roku Tv devices, small sticks, and Roku Box. You will need the internet connection only to access them.

How can I reach Roku Customer Service?

To reach them, you can call their helpline number or mail them. They also provide the live chat option; you can use that.

What if I do not Connect to Roku Customer Services?

If you can not connect to Roku Customer services, you can simply call +1 607 643 4166. It is a 24/7 helpline number.

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