How to Count Words in WordPad – Three Alternate Ways



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Want to know how many words are in a Wordpad document? The following page discusses numerous methods for determining the WordPad word count.

Microsoft developed WordPad, a simple text editor. It is a popular word processor that comes preloaded on every version of Microsoft’s Windows operating system, from Windows 95 through Windows 10.

WordPad is more complex than Notepad, which is also included with the Windows operating system. Users can use WordPad to modify and generate documents that require improved formatting and punctuation.

It is a simple word processor that is far simpler than Microsoft Word yet much more complex than Microsoft Notepad. Many people who want simple text editing choose WordPad to Microsoft Word.

Check WordPad Word Count – Alternate Ways

Without a doubt, WordPad is a good tool, but it is missing one important function, namely, a word counter. This means that in WordPad, there is no method to count the number of words. The Word Counter feature is advantageous, particularly for authors who keep a running tally of their words.

Unfortunately, there is no mechanism to verify the WordPad word count, and users require an additional technique to do so.

To assist users, I chose to provide all possible methods for counting WordPad words in a document. Therefore, without further ado, why not begin reading about them:

1. Use Microsoft Word’s

One of the simplest methods is to use Microsoft Word, which is included in the Microsoft office suite. The majority of PC and laptop owners, particularly students and those in the corporate sector, prefer to acquire Microsoft office suites.

How to Count Words in WordPad – Three Alternate Ways

Simply open Word, Begin by creating a new document. Now, copy and paste the text or information from the WordPad document into the Word document.

At the bottom of the Word document is a Word option that displays the count.

Alternatively, you can accomplish the same thing by using Microsoft Word Online. You only need to navigate to the service page.

1. Sign in with your Microsoft account.

2. Begin by creating a new blank document.

3. Paste the text from the WordPad document into the Online Word text editor; the word count will appear at the bottom of the page.

How to Count Words in WordPad – Three Alternate Ways

2. Try Free Word Processors

Microsoft Word is a paid component of the Microsoft Office suite. Therefore, if you do not wish to purchase an office suite just for the purpose of calculating the document’s word count, you can use one of the many free word processors available on the internet that includes capability for calculating the document’s word count. Jarte and are both free choices that serve the same purpose.

3. Use Google Docs – Online Tools

If you do not wish to download an application to check the word count in WordPad, one of the greatest online tools for word counting is a Google Docs.

Simply navigate to Google Docs and sign in with your Google account.

1. Begin by creating a new empty document.

2. Copy and paste the text from the WordPad document into the Document.How to Count Words in WordPad – Three Alternate Ways

3. Select ‘Tools’ ->’Word Count’. This will open a dialog box with the Word Count, as well as the Pages and Characters. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard combination “CTRL + SHIFT + C” to accomplish the same thing.

Additionally, there are online tools that users can use without creating an account to determine the word count of a text document. For instance, you can utilize internet resources such as:

  • Word Count Tool –
  • WordCounter –

There are numerous tools available, but these are straightforward word count calculators.

They all operate on the same premise. You only need to visit the website, copy and paste the text from the WordPad document, then click the Submit button. You will obtain the document’s word count in WordPad.

That is all!

Thus, these are some other methods for counting words in WordPad. If you know of an easier way to check the WordPad word count, please share it in the comments.

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