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How to change Facebook language: The following blog post will walk you through the process of changing the language on Facebook.

By default, the language of the Facebook account is set to English. While this is not a problem for the majority of users, some may prefer to set a different language or a local language.

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While users can easily change their account’s language through Facebook’s language settings, there are times when users encounter difficulties switching from English to another language or vice versa.

How To Change Facebook Language?

If you have changed the language of your Facebook account accidentally or for any other reason, the following tutorial will assist you in doing so.

Change Facebook Language from Web Version

1. To begin, navigate to ( and log into your account using your account credentials.

2. Select ‘Account Settings’ (down arrow symbol) and then ‘Settings.’

3. In the left pane, click on ‘Language’.

4. In the right pane, click the ‘Edit’ link next to the title “Which language would you like to use for Facebook?”

5. On this screen, you’ll notice a drop-down menu labelled “Show Facebook in this language.”

Just click on it to reveal the drop-down and choose the chosen language.

When you choose a local language such as Catala, Cestina, or another, Facebook displays an additional option that reads “Show Facebook in this language if your primary language is not accessible.” Select the secondary language for your Facebook account using the drop-down menu. In the event that the primary language is unavailable.

6. To save the changes, click the ‘Save changes’ option.

This step will instantly reload your profile and change the language of your account.

Additionally, you can view the following movie to get a better idea:

Change Language of Facebook from App

This is how you switch between languages on Facebook’s web version. If you’re a frequent user of the Facebook app, you may also change the language on Facebook. To accomplish this, you must follow the directions provided in the following lines.

1. Open the ‘Facebook app’ on your mobile device.

2. On the top-right corner of the screen, tap the ‘Hamburger icon.’

3. Scroll to the bottom and tap ‘Settings & Privacy.’

4. Now, select ‘Languages.’

5. You’ll discover a list of several languages on the Facebook languages area. Simply ‘touch on the language’ you wish to configure on your smartphone.

The screen will display a notice informing you that we are configuring your language. Once completed, the application will launch automatically. This will switch Facebook’s language to the one you specify.

Note: If nothing changes after restarting the application, attempt to delete the Facebook application from the recent apps list and re-open it.

That is all!

I hope this article on how to change the language on Facebook was beneficial. If you have a question or require a recommendation about Facebook, feel free to leave a remark.

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