Fix Incompatible HP Printer Cartridge

How Do I Fix Incompatible HP Printer Cartridge

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‘The indicated cartridges are not intended for use in this printer’ Have you got such a message on your screen while you print something important? It must be not very pleasant. Your next step will be googling ‘ how do I fix incompatible Hp printer cartridges?’ and you have landed on this page. 


Having an incompatible error in the cartridge creates trouble. You can understand the problem and solve them. This article will be quick guidance to fix your incompatible HP printer cartridge. So, take a break from your work and study the article thoroughly.

What Is The Cartridge Of A Printer?


The cartridge is the part of the printer that holds the ink. Inkjet printers need the cartridge to print. Through the nozzles, the cartridge sprays the ink. This is how the printer imprint an image or note. 


Mostly two types of printers are used by people. One type of printer consists of two cartridges having black and tri-color. The other one has four types of cartridges: black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. People in the photography profession use 6 or 12 cartridges for vibrant print.

Reasons for HP Ink Cartridge errors:


You can easily fix your ink cartridge if you know the root cause of the problems. I am sharing some common issues that might happen to your printer.


  • It might cause you to be using non-original ink. In such cases, You can face errors. If it is the cause, you can use a wet cotton bud and clean the cartridges. Make sure you dip the cotton swab in warm water.
  • Most HP Ink printers face issues with disconnection. The printer and the chip get disconnected sometimes, and the problem can be resolved in no time.
  • There is another reason for the ink cartridge error, and that is the low ink. You might see that the ink is out. It is a common issue that you have installed it a few days back, and now you have low ink. The reason is you haven’t put the ink firmly.
  • If you see the ‘incompatible cartridge error’ message, again and again, there is a chance that you have put the cartridge in the wrong slot.
  • You might have seen a message like ‘ defective cartridge’. There is a high chance that your printer has accumulated dirt. It can create problems sometimes.
  • Sometimes, the cartridges are not installed in the printer. That might cause a blunder.


How To Fix Incompatible Cartridge of Hp printer?


 You are aware of the causes that hinder the printer from working. Now, I will escort you step by step to fix the problem.


Check And Re-install:

If your printer is not working properly, first check out your printer. It is the first step. You need to uninstall the Hp printer software from the software list. And then, you need to re-install the software again. You can take help from Hp Software support.


Original Hp Ink cartridge:

The most important thing is that you need to use the original Hp cartridge to get rid of the problem. Without an authentic product, your problem can not be resolved. You can easily check HP anti-counterfeit Page to check if your cartridge is original or not. You can put your model number, and it will show its authentication.


The Appropriate paper:

Papers are important for printing. It would help if you took care of them. Like the photography page or the envelopes, some pages do not allow both sides to print. Make sure you have chosen the right side. Try to put new paper in the printer. It should be clean and wrinkle-free. If you haven’t taken the paper types seriously, it is time you should check them.


Print Setting:

You must check the print setting. For the different operating systems, there are different settings. If you are having problems with printing, check your setting again. It can resolve the issue.


Ink Level:

Now the most important step is to check the ink level. You may get a low ink level warning. Check the printer for ink level. You can touch the button of the ink icon to check the ink level.


Replacement :

If it is clear that you have a low ink level, the best option is to replace the cartridges. Try to keep the original one. To pull out the cartridges, you need to turn on the printer. Now look for the cartridges slot. Open the lid and push it until it stops.


Print A diagnosis Report:

Now keep the white paper on the printer. Make sure it is loaded with the input tray. Then, go to the control panels of the printer, check tools and touch on the print quality report. This report will show if all your inks are fine or not.

Some Important Points You Must Remember While Using HP printer Cartridge:

As the printer is an electrical product, you need to handle them with care. It involves inks, so there are chances to show problems if you do not pay attention here. Here, I am sharing some maintaining tips:


  1. The printer cartridge can easily catch dirt. Make sure you clean them.
  2. As per the printer’s mechanism, it extends the output tray automatically. It would help if you did not put force over here.
  3. For cleaning purposes, you can use warm water. Make sure you do not have any alcoholic liquid for cleaning.
  4. Try not to touch the nozzle as it can cause clog and ink failures.
  5. If you are cleaning, make sure you do not touch or clean the copper plates of the nozzle.


Final Words:


A printer is an easy way to fasten all your work. It can help you do your school assignment or business projects. However, there is a high chance of getting clogged or cartridge failures. You can fix it very easily. I have shared some easy steps for you. Also, I have mentioned some of the root causes of the printing failure. I hope this article has helped you to resolve your problem.


Yes, you can. All you need to have is ideas of the causes and why does it not print. If you know that, you can resolve the issue with some steps.

You can still have the prints, but they will be in black and white.

No, You should keep it there. In that case, all four cartridges need to be replaced.