How to Download Messages from iCloud to iPhone



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Download Messages from iCloud to iPhone:  Apple’s iCloud service is a cloud storage platform that enables wireless backup for iOS devices. Everyone receives 5GB of complimentary iCloud storage, after which they must purchase a premium pack to increase their storage capacity.

Suppose your iCloud free storage is full and you don’t want to purchase a premium pack, then what to do is in this situation so that you can reclaim some storage on your iPhone? One of the best ways is to use device storage for keeping text messages.

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How to Download Messages from iCloud to iPhone

So, if you want to stop using iCloud storage for messages, then you need to Download Messages from iCloud to iPhone. Although it’s super easy to do, some users might not know the right way.

You will discover how to download messages from iCloud to your iPhone in the following lines.

Disable Messages in iCloud

To begin, you must disable Messages in iCloud; then, only you will be able to download messages. What you need to do is as follows:

On your iPhone, navigate to Settings > Device Name > iCloud.

A dialog window will open when you tap on Messages. Disable and Download Messages are required here.

Once this is complete, any text messages stored in your iCloud account should instantly download to your smartphone and show in the Messages app.

Fix – Download messages from iCloud stuck

Occasionally, due to a glitch, your messages may not be downloaded automatically from iCloud to your smartphone. In this case, the following solution can be used to initiate the message downloading process. Here is what you must do:

On your iPhone, navigate to Settings > Device Name > iCloud.

Following that, you must enable messages.

Reboot your smartphone and turn off messages once more.

Following this, your messages will begin downloading to your smartphone and appearing in the messaging app.

Delete Messages from iCloud

As you Download Messages from iCloud to iPhone, it is safe to erase messages stored on iCloud. Here’s how you can achieve that:

On your iPhone, touch on Settings, and then press on your Device Name > iCloud (Same method as explained earlier) (Same process as mentioned above)

Navigate to Messages in the iCloud box by clicking Manage Storage.

Select the “Disable & Delete” option from this menu.

This will bring up a brief dialog window that reads:

This will disable and delete all your data in iCloud. The data will be there for 30 days, so if you want it back you can undo this process.

Additional tip – The identical process can be used to download messages from iCloud to your iPad.

Thus, this is how you may download iCloud texts on your iPhone. We hope you found this material beneficial.


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