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Best Habit Tracker App: Habits are unconscious patterns we follow on a daily basis, some of which are good and many of which are damaging, and we are typically more prone to adopt negative behaviors.

While habits have an effect on daily life, they also have an effect on productivity. To boost your productivity, you must first overcome bad habits, which is impossible without documenting these behaviors.

To overcome negative habits and adopt positive ones, which will certainly boost your productivity and help you become a better person. We’ve compiled a selection of the best habit tracking apps for you to check out.

Best Habit Tracker App in 2021

We’ve produced a list of nine of the Best Habit Tracker App that will certainly boost your productivity while also assisting you in breaking bad habits.


Currently available on iOS

Momentum is a simple and elegant habit tracking tool. Due to the extremely simple and minimal user interface, you can see all of your behaviors in a split second.

The app’s core principle is based on Jerry Seinfield’s productivity secret, ‘Don’t break the chain.’ Each day you add to the chain increases the likelihood that you will adhere to your habit.


iOS and Android versions are available.

Productive is a feature-rich habit tracker that enables you to graph your habits, analyze weekly or monthly progress, and keep track of your streaks for certain activities.

Productive features exceptional habits focused on morning routines, sleeping better, getting things done, and so on, which makes it simple for someone new to habit building to get started. Siri shortcut is another wonderful feature on iOS devices that enables you to check routines using voice commands.


iOS and Android versions are available.

StickK is unique in that it establishes a framework of enforceable agreements rather than setting and tracking isolated targets.

As a stickK user, you declare that you are willing to risk money in order to accomplish your newly stated objectives and goals.

There is a psychology of loss aversion in place to guarantee that you do not lose the money you invested, but more importantly, it may help you stay accountable to yourself by proving that you have made a physical commitment to your new purpose with tangible implications beyond the abstract.


iOS and Android versions are available.

Coach.me is a habit and goal tracking application; the free edition has a slew of functions, but the starter templates stand out.

As the app offers structured guidance, workouts, and instructions created by coaches. Additionally, you can share your progress and milestones with community members and friends; additionally, you can ask questions about the difficulties you are encountering.


iOS and Android versions are available.

Streaks take a different approach than other habit monitoring tools. It functions more like a to-do list than a tracker, with the primary benefit of assisting you in developing beneficial habits.

The tool accomplishes this by allowing you to create a to-do list with the behaviors you intend to instill as chores. Each day that you complete the assignment, your streak grows longer.

This will gradually strengthen the behavior, supporting you in incorporating new good habits into your life.


iOS and Android versions are available.

At first glance, you may notice that Habitshare’s user interface is dated. Allowing for this, however, should not detract from the app’s fundamental value proposition.

Habitshare is attempting to socialize the act of tracking one’s habits. This is accomplished through the sharing of your habits with others, who can then monitor your progress and stay informed.

The central premise is that by discussing your goals and progress with habits with friends, you increase accountability and, consequently, your chances of success.


iOS and Android versions are available.

The designers of Habitica surely used their imagination when creating this habit tracker program, which features an innovative method of recording behaviors that is heavily inspired by role-playing games.

In Habitica, the actions and tasks you complete help you earn experience points and level up, much like in a game. The software can be used by you and your friends to complete missions or objectives.

Habitica is the software that embodies the process of converting your life into a video game. In addition, to be honest, it could be just what you need to have fun and stay motivated while leveling up in real life.


iOS and Android versions are available.

The software provides graphs and figures that illustrate your progress with your habits and your success rate with your desired goals. Even better, you can export all of the data to a CSV file and perform as much analysis as you wish with it.

The ability to specify how regularly and how many times you must perform a habit is a useful feature. It is probable that you require twice-weekly exercise, which HabitBull makes simple to track.


iOS and Android versions are available.

Loop is a straightforward, free application that visually indicates the days you achieved the habit with a tick. Loop, like other habit trackers, displays your progress using graphs. Calendars show your history and assist you in overcoming limitations such as challenges on a particular day of the week.

Additionally, the app provides you with a Habit score that indicates the efficiency of your habits. You should not be concerned; because the application counts overtime, missing a few days here and there will have no effect on your score.